The Beach House team will share their secrets with you in the ‘Tip of the Month’. Try out some of the most delightful dishes and wine pairings Beach House has to offer for yourself at home...or not and come and experience it first hand at Beach House.

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Beetroot Gazpacho Recipe

Try this delightful chilled Beetroot Gazpacho. Healthy and Refreshing!

Ingredients (serves 10):

beetroot 2 pds
ice cubes 500 gr
white balsamic 100 ml
black balsamic 100 ml
goat cheese 100 gr
olive oil 1.00 dl
Roast the whole beetroot in a pan
Chilled the roasted beetroot and peel
Cut beetroot into large pieces, and blend with ice cubes and the two balsamic vinegars
Pass through chinois strainer
Ad salt and pepper to taste
Pour gazpacho into bowl
Garnish with goat cheese and drizzle with olive oil
Add 1 lemon wedge


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Provopolitain, Beach House F&B Director’s Signature Martini Recipe

Have you ever heard of the Provopolitain? Our Director of Food and Beverage came up with this sizzling signature martini. It is available to all special guests at the Beach House. And we would like to share the recipe with you.



Paint the inside of your martini glass with Massenez Crème De Citron Vert et Gingembre (Lime & Ginger).

Combine the first seven ingredients in a shaker with ice, shake and strain into martini glass.

Holding a flame very near the martini, squeeze the orange zest so the oil sprays through the flame into the glass.

Garnish with a Hibiscus flower petal



1 1/2 oz Belvedere Vodka

3/4 oz Grand Mariner

2 oz Red Cranberry Juice

1 oz White Cranberry Juice

1 slice of Meyer lemon

1 slice of Orange

Splash of Massenez Crème De Citron Vert et Gingembre (Lime & Ginger)


Orange zest

Hibiscus flower


This martini delivers on taste, aroma and entertainment! As the oil from the orange zest flies through the fire, it takes on a caramelized aroma. This will be the first thing you notice as you take a sip. Then the full impact of the fresh cranberry, clean lemon and spicy ginger brings this martini to a whole new level.

If bartending is not your strength, then we highly recommend you jump on a plane a come visit us at the Beach House Turks and Caicos to try this martini.


Let us know what you think of the Provopolitain,


Your Beach House team

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