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Turks and Caicos Multi Generational Travel

Multi-generational (3G) travel has become an integral part of the tourism industry since the term “togethering” travel was first introduced over a decade ago.

With a growing number of families living miles apart, and hectic lifestyles making family gathering time harder to achieve, a 3G destination holiday is often a terrific solution for families hoping to spend quality time together.  The trend has become so popular that it is estimated that up to one quarter of family vacations now include three generations.

Here are five reasons why 3G trips are becoming so popular:

  1. Grandparents are living longer, and are in generally better health in their later years compared to previous generations. They are able to travel and they want to participate in active activities with their children and grandchildren.  Hiking, cycling, horseback riding and water sports are some of the most popular activities that 3G families like to do together on vacation.
  2. Nostalgia encourages parents and grandchildren to introduce the family’s youngest members to vacation destinations that represent fond memories.  It’s also a great way to start a family tradition and to keep memories alive and relevant.
  3. Sharing travel costs results in travel savings.  When grandparents join a family vacation, parents can often save on childcare and kids’ club costs.  Renting larger condos and villas, or several suites at small resorts, can also help families reduce vacation expenses.  Many airlines offer airfare discounts for groups of 10 people or more, which is fairly easy to achieve when a few adult siblings organize a trip with their children and parents.
  4. Family travel provides an excellent opportunity to spend quality time together.  In an era when many grandchildren primarily communicate with their grandparents on Skype or Facebook, a family vacation permits a rare occasion to forge bonds that last.
  5. Important milestones can be celebrated at the same time, such as birthdays, school graduations, retirements and more.  The gift of family time, and the opportunity to enjoy unique experiences together, replaces the need for expensive gift giving across the miles.

If you are planning a Turks and Caicos multi-generational family trip, Beach House represents an ideal venue.  With just 21 suites, we are large enough to accommodate families, and small enough to facilitate property-wide buyouts.  As our many rave reviews will confirm, our guests say they feel like they are part of a family when they stay with us.  Attentive service is our hallmark, as is providing a truly relaxing vacation experience.  Families love our wide and safe, sandy beach, and the numerous complimentary amenities and services that are included in our rates provide great value to our guests.

Learn more about how you can host a memorable multi-generational family vacation at Beach House by contacting

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Turks and Caicos New Year’s Eve Menu

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in style at Kitchen 218 at Beach House.

Our Turks & Caicos New Year’s Eve event menu is now available. You can view it here.

Tickets cost $290++ per person for this amazing evening.  It will start with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres by the swimming pool, followed by a seven course dinner, and then fireworks and a DJ dance party on the beach deck facing world acclaimed Grace Bay Beach.

Reservations are a must for this spectacular evening.  Please contact us at



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Turks and Caicos New Year’s Eve Celebration at Kitchen 218

Ring in the new year in style at Kitchen 218 at Beach House’s for an amazing Turks and Caicos New Year’s Eve celebration!

The evening will start with live entertainment by Turks and Caicos musician Gordon Lightbourne at 8pm. Enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres poolside.

Dinner will be served at 9pm. The three course dinner with wine pairings will feature a choice of grilled South Caicos lobster, or a baked beef tenderloin for the entree, and a delightful choice of appetizers and desserts.

After dinner, head to the beach deck to ring in the new year with champagne and fireworks on Grace Bay Beach.  A premium drinks bar will be open in starting at 12:10am on the first day of 2015.



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Turks and Caicos Conch Cooking Tips

Once you sample fresh conch on your Turks and Caicos vacation, you may want to sample the local delicacy at home.  Here are some tips on how choose your conchs and prepare them.

* Conchs should be white with pink and orange.
* Do not buy conchs that appear gray.
* Conchs should not give off a fishy smell.

Prepare conch for cooking.

* If you have collected the conchs yourself, you will need to remove
the meat from the shell. If the conch is difficult to remove, drill a
small hole in the top of the shell to break the suction and then it
should be fairly easy to pull the conch out of the main opening of the

* Wash the conch in several changes of water.
* Use only the muscle of the conches for food. The digestive gland must be
removed for the meat to be safe.
* Before you can cook conchs, you must remove the operculum. The
operculum is a shell-like covering that protects the conch and assists
in locomotion. Cut it off with a knife.
* If you are not using precooked conch meat, soak the conchs in salty
water for several hours.
* Cut off any dark pieces of skin on the conchs.
* Tenderize the conchs by pounding it with a mallet until it is
smooth and the thickness you want. This may not be necessary if you
choose a longer cooking method for your conches.

Cook the conchs:

* Chemically “cook” raw conch in a ceviche by soaking it for a few
minutes in lime juice with flavoring that you enjoy. Red onions, chile
peppers and cilantro are traditional seasoning choices.
* Bread the conchs by dipping first in beaten egg and then in flour.
Deep fry the breaded conchs until the flesh appears cooked. Cooking
times will vary on the size of the pieces of conch meat you use.
* Simmer conchs in stews or soups for 1 hour.
* Steam conchs for about 5 minutes. Steamed conch is often served with

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Recipe: Beef Tataki from Kitchen 218

Chef Cristian Rebolledo from Kitchen 218 shares his secrets:

Serves 4 people.

200 grs of beef tenderloin
1 onion (julianne)
1 tablespoon of butter
50 grs heavy cream
1 small sprig of thyme
Salt & pepper
1 mango minced
1 red onion minced
juice of 1 lime
1 tablespoon of cilantro shopped
2 tablespoons of olive oil
2 tablespoons of oyster sauce
1 teaspoon of rice vinegar
1 teaspoon of minced garlic

Clean the beef tenderloin by removing excess fat on outside. Place it in a container, add one tablespoon of oyster sauce, 1/2 teaspoon of garlic, vinegar, garlic and some salt, wrapped with plastic and place it in the fridge for 2 hours.

In a pan mix butter and onion, and let it sweat for 5 minutes. Add thyme, heavy cream, salt and pepper and let it cook for 10 minutes on low flame. Blend it and strain it, let it cool.

In a bowl mix, mango, cilantro, lemon, garlic, salt, peppers and olive oil, keep it in the fridge.

Slice the chilled tenderloin (not too thin not too thick: about 3mm or 1/8 inch).

At the bottom of the plate place some of the onion cream, place the beef on top of this and cover with the mango salsa, add the oyster sauce and decorate with some fresh cilantro…and voila.

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